About the TNRC

The Thompson Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation (TNRC), established in 2001, has been a leader in community development in Thompson for over fifteen (15) years. Every five years our organization engages in a broad based and inclusive consultation process resulting in a renewal plan that guides our operations for that period.

The areas of focus for our current 5-Year Plan (2022-2027) was determined by taking a look at:

    • Past work done by the TNRC, and current work done by the other renewal corporations in community development
    • Needs of funders
    • Gaps in services
    • Needs as identified through analysis of Thompson's economic and social situation through document review
    • Needs (overall themes) as identified by interviews and surveys

The three (3) areas of focus will be:

  1. Community Pride
  2. Families First
  3. Capacity Building


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